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At Ridley-Lowell Business Technical & Technical Institute, we’re committed to you getting the skills you need for the career you want. We are all about supporting you in seizing opportunity today. Because that’s what a new career represents—the opportunity for students to do something they love and create a whole new future.

We began more than 165 years ago as a business school. Over the years, we’ve continually evolved to keep up with ever-shifting workplace needs and requirements. Today, we’re a respected business, technical and trade school with campuses across New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Every day, we help students get one step closer to a meaningful and rewarding career. And with programs in legal, healthcare, beauty, technology and skilled trade industries, we’re ensuring students are prepared to succeed in today’s in-demand entry-level jobs.


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“Ridley-Lowell has helped me find the right program at the right time to fit the needs of my schedule and personal goals.”
Kimberly V.
Legal Administrative Assistant Graduate